Bringing Canadian medical innovation and health Standards to THE Chinese market

CAMP partners with Canadian medical device manufacturers and Chinese sales teams to bring new high quality products to Chinese hospitals
Chinese hospitals use the latest in medical device technologies and are always seeking new solutions globally.
Chinese hospitals recognize the value of Canadian made products that meet Canadian health standards.
CAMP seeks to bring better health care to Chinese citizens by drawing on Canadian innovation and health standards.


  • Digital Imaging Solutions
  • Advanced Medical Devices
  • Medical Instruments
  • Health Supplements
  • Prevention Tools and Methods
  • Nursing Materials and Equipment

CAMP is helping grow quality healthcare in China by
selecting and supplying high quality Canadian medical products.

Our partners in product supply and sales and distribution bring you the best quality service.

Our product partner Calgary Scientific
Calgary Scientific Inc. was founded in 2004 to commercialize technology based on advanced medical imaging research at the University of Calgary. They invented ResolutionMD®, which is now installed in thousands of leading healthcare facilities worldwide, including Intermountain Health, Mayo Clinic, among others. ResolutionMD image viewing software features enable secure, platform agnostic access to patient images over the web and through Android and iOS mobile devices. This universal image access enables providers to break down barriers between siloed data stores to support collaboration and care coordination.

Wuxi Chengguo Medical Apparatus and Instruments Trading Co., Ltd., founded on November 18, 2014 with the registered capital of RMB 8  million and 51 employees, is a professional agency engaged in sales and after-sales services of medical apparatus and instruments, mainly in the fields of image intervention, surgical operation, preventive nursing and rehabilitation, etc.

At present, the company has relationships with 108 hospitals, 15 level-2 agencies, 8 retail and pharmacy chains in China. Wuxi has established business relationships with global medical device companies such as: America Medtronic, Stryker Endoscopy Medical Devices, B|Braun International Trade Co., and Smith & Nephew Medical Products International.

Since its establishment, the company has always advocated  health in its corporate culture;  and treated clients under this health-focused value system. The business also operates in compliance of all health regulations while keeping the clients’ health and wellness as the main focus. .

Our sales partner WuXi ChengGuo Medical Equipment Trading Ltd.

Our mission is to improve the health of every Chinese patient.

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